Hydrodynamic Radius Converter

Converter to give an approximate theoretical relationship between molecular weight (kDa) and hydrodynamic radius (nm).

Molecular weight to Hydrodynamic radius converter

This converter uses the theoretical relationship between hydrodynamic radius and the molecular weight of a protein to be able to convert between the two. This tool can be used to determine the theoretical hydrodynamic radius of your protein or protein complex before running it on the Fluidity One-W or Fluidity One-W Serum to confirm that the practical results are within an expected size range.

Imput the weight of your protein in kDa into the molecular weight side of the converter, select if the protein is likely to be folded (globular) or unfolded. It will output the theoretical hydrodynamic radius in nm. This tool can also be used in reverse to give theoretical molecular weight in kDa from hydrodynamic radius in nm. Futher information can be found on the theretical conversion between hydrodynamic radius and molecular weight at the FAQ link below.