Introducing the New Protein Interactions Lab

Allow our team of highly experienced scientists to quantify your protein interactions for you


Introducing Fluidity One-W Serum

Fight COVID-19 via accurate immune response assessment in minimally diluted serum


Understand the machinery of life

We envision a world where information about protein interactions transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates


Our latest application note

Accurate solution phase affinity profiling of a SARS-CoV-2 antibody in serum

Protein Interactions Lab

Introducing Fluidity One-W Serum

Our company vision

Our latest application note

Built on Peer Reviewed Science

The technology underlying our instruments has been featured in a number of high impact, peer-reviewed journals.


Our technology reveals the differences in the antibody affinity and stoichiometry for four clinical stage anti-Aβ drug candidates to treat Alzheimer’s Disease


Clinical researchers discover the spectrum of antibody affinity from plasma of COVID-patients using our technology


Microfluidic diffusional sizing helps elucidate the specificity and selectivity of designed antibodies against Aβ oligomers

A full list of all the papers showing the research behind Fluidic Analytics and microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) can be found here. As well as seeing where others have used our products to make amazing discoveries. 

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Fluidic Analytics is changing how proteins are characterised

We're doing this with novel, cutting edge technology and a fantastic, committed team

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