Unlocking protein interactions to accelerate therapeutic, diagnostic, and vaccine advances.

Quantify and characterize any protein interaction – even in complex backgrounds, even with challenging targets.

Changes in molecular size are inherent to every protein interaction.

Fluidic Analytics’ technology accurately measures changes in size without immobilization, allowing analysis of even the most complex binding events.

Discover MDS technology and how it provides additional insights.

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Quantify and characterize any protein interaction

Fluidity One-M

The Fluidity One-M system enables quantification and characterization of any protein interaction – even in complex backgrounds or with challenging targets.

What users say about MDS

“In the play of life, DNA is the script but proteins are the actors”

We are inspired by the roles that proteins play in the biological world

Driven to understand more about how proteins behave and function, but frustrated by the lack of suitable tools for protein characterisation – we’re building our own.

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