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    We envision a world where information about proteins and their behavior transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates.

    Who are we?

    Unlocking  protein interactions to accelerate therapeutic, diagnostic and vaccine advances.

    The vision

    At Fluidic Analytics, we believe insights on proteins and their behavior will help our customers develop better treatments and diagnose diseases faster and more accurately.

    By producing accessible instrumentation and software solutions, Fluidic Analytics aims to make understanding of protein interactions widespread across research and industry, allowing quantitative analysis of the most complex targets and backgrounds.

    The products

    “In the play of life, DNA is the script but proteins are the actors”

    Our products are based on a fundamentally new technology platform developed at the University of Cambridge. This platform enables the rapid characterization of proteins based on the physical properties that determine their function. And because proteins are characterized in solution and in their natural state — without the need for surfaces, matrices or ionization — this platform gives our customers access to unique quantitative insights into protein behavior that are not accessible using other approaches.

    The history

    Microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) analysis of the interactions and sizes of proteins under native solution conditions


    ACS Nano., 2015, 10, 333-341. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b04713

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    Jun 2017

    Release of Fluidity One

    May 2018

    Licencing and IP – IP for Fluidic Device – US

    Jul 2020

    Release of Fluidity One-W and One-W Serum

    Sep 2020

    Uses MDS to address the mechanism of action of four clinical stage antibodies against Alzheimer’s disease.

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    Nov 2021

    First demonstration of antibody affinity profiling in COVID-19 patient sera.

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    Dec 2021

    Release of Fluidity One-M

    Jan 2023

    Simon Morling becomes CEO

    IP total as of May 2023

    Fluidic Analytics has 10 patents granted in the US and 5 in Europe.

  • Company
  • What we do

    We envision a world where information about proteins and their behaviour transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates, and helps all of us make better decisions about how we diagnose diseases, develop treatments and maintain our personal well‑being.

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  • Our guiding principles

    Our guiding principles direct everything we do from what we expect from each other to what makes us good at what we do. We believe that this set of values and ways of working helps us make better decisions and do so faster and more easily.

  • Our commitment to continuous improvement
  • Quality is our highest priority

    At Fluidic Analytics we look to ensure quality in everything we do—from our research and development to our production and customer support.

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  • We are always on the lookout for innovative, creative and visionary 
people – come join the team.

    Fluidic Analytics brings together the best of biophysical and digital technologies to help our customers understand the machinery of life.