The Protein Society Symposium 2019 roundup


About the society

For 33 years, The Protein Society has served as the intellectual home of investigators across all disciplines, from around the world - involved in the study of protein structure, function, and design.

The Society provides forums for scientific collaboration and communication and supports professional growth of young investigators through lectures, workshops and fantastic networking opportunities.

 This year’s annual symposium was bigger and better than ever with over 750 attendees, 50 talks, and more than 400 posters.

Below are a couple of our favourite poster presentations from Hayli Larsen (University of Washington) 




and Kayla Jara (Oregon State University)

Key Themes this year

This year there were 12 sessions with 5-6 talks per session that covered a wide range of pioneering topics. Some of the key topics explored included;


  • Selectivity in Protein-Protein Interactions – including Therese Herling’s work on the thermodynamics of chaperone binding (click here to read the paper)

  • Signalling Across the Membrane, G-protein Coupled Receptors – including a talk by Scott Blanchard on single molecule analysis of ligand efficacy in ß2AR-G protein activation. (click here to read the paper)

  • Mechanisms of Protein Aggregation- including a talk by Jonathan Williams on how Amyloid Fibrils Play a Role in Seeding and
    Propagating the Aggregation of a-Synuclein  (click here to read the paper)

  • Chaperoning Aggregation and Proteostasis- including Raquel Lieberman's work on Protein Misfolding in Myocilin-
    associated Glaucoma  (click here to read the paper)
  • Folding, Function & Quality Control of Membrane Proteins- including a talk by Alessandro Senes on how Weak Hydrogen Bonds and Packing Modulate the Stability of Transmembrane Dimers  (click here to read the paper)
  • Proteins in the Membrane: Dynamics and Recognition- including a talk by Stephan Grzesiek on Dynamics of GPCR Signal Transmission and Allosteric Regulation Detected by NMR (click here to read the paper)
  • Large Protein Systems in Solution- including a talk by  Charalampos G. Kalodimos on the Structural Basis for the Binding of Non-native Proteins by Molecular Chaperones (click here to read the paper)

We certainly look forward to next year’s symposium and the cutting edge research that will be presented on these topics and more.




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