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Determination of lipid protein binding stoichiometry using Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing

MDS analysis as performed on the Fluidity One offers a new method to quantify protein lipid interactions, based on the change in size of the protein vs protein-lipid complex. We observe that this approach offers multiple advantages over CD for this analysis.

  • Find out how MDS required 40x less sample compared to CD

  • Learn how CD is less sensitive, more costly and relies on there being a secondary structure change during binding, unlike MDS

  • Find out how MDS was able to provide greater insights into the precise nature of the protein-lipid interaction

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    • Publication

      PEGS Boston 2019 poster

      Download a copy of our poster as shown at PEGS 2019 here, titled; Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS) for protein characterization – latest results and next steps.

    • Blog

      When protein-lipid interactions matter

      This blog explores some examples from the literature where the interactions of proteins and lipids have made a big impact on the overall research.

    • Documentation

      Fluidity One and One-W comparator

      This overview document quickly outlines the differences between our Fluidity One and Fluidity One-W instruments.

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Fluidity One needs less sample, less prior knowledge and has less restrictions than CD.

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