KD video series

What is the dissociation constant KD?

How do I calculate KD?

And where can I find it on the binding affinity curve?

All these questions can be answered in this series of short and handy videos listed below, check back regularly since we are always updating this page.

What is the Dissociation constant, KD?

How to create a binding curve and derive KD from it?

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    • Application note03 April 2019

      Determination of KD of aptamer protein interactions by microfluidic diffusional sizing

      Here the Fluidity One-W is used to experimentally determine the KD of two protein aptamer interactions, with results in good agreement with literature values. Importantly the technique required no calibration, complex setup or specialist sample preparation. Furthermore, the interaction is assessed without immobilising or altering either molecule beyond the addition of a standard fluorescent label.

    • Infographic07 March 2019

      The KD cheat sheet

      This printable "cheat sheet" gives an overview of what KD, the dissociation constant, means, how to calculate it, and how to experimentally measure it.

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