Introducing The Fluidity One - video

This short video introduces the Fluidity One.

How it works, what a test entails, and why MDS (Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing) is a valuable addition to your analytical toolkit.

Watch it here:

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    • Application note11 December 2018

      Quantitation of low Tryptophan and Tyrosine peptides using the Fluidity One

      UV absorbance is commonly used as a fast method for protein and peptide quantitation, however samples must contain tryptophan (Trp) or tyrosine (Tyr) residues to be detected. Here we demonstrate the ability of the Fluidity One to assess the concentration of a range of samples which have low or no Trp and Tyr content.

    • Application note31 October 2018

      Protein Size as an Indication of Structure

      Molecular weight (Mw) is a commonly used, and for many scientists a readily understood, parameter to describe the size of a protein or complex. Here we show how hydrodynamic radius (Rh) can be used in combination with Mw to provide insights into the shape and structure of proteins and illustrate how Mw alone may not always provide a complete picture.

    • Documentation26 September 2018

      Fluidity One Chip Flow factsheet

      This factsheet shows how the microfluidic chips used with the Fluidity One work, through diagrams and a short description.

    • Brochure24 August 2018

      Fluidity One brochure

      The Fluidity One brochure gives an overview of the capabilities, applications and full technical specifications.

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