Zoom Call – Introducing the Fluidity One-W Serum

Published on December 14th, 2020

Today we would like to introduce you to the Fluidity One-W Serum our new instrument developed to enable comprehensive profiling of the antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 on the basis of affinity—a crucial characteristic of protein interactions that traditional antibody tests cannot easily quantify.

Using Microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) the Fluidity One-W Serum can measure directly in diluted serum with no surface binding and minimal sample preperation allowing scientists to independently determine antibody affinity and concentration.


Scientist 1:

“Hi guys, so the purpose of this meeting is to come up with ideas as to the significance of the Fluidity One-W Serum. Argy why are you in the dark?”


“the best ideas come from the dark void. For me its about technology, we know we have it, so lets use it to fight COVID-19”

Scientist 1:


Engineer 1:

“How about I build a Fluidity One-W Serum, so that I know that in the race to beat the global pandemic it can really help us get over the finishing line. What do you think?”

Engineer 2:

“I think that it is really important that scientists are able to measure the proteins and their interactions, it is really important for public health”

Scientist 1:

“Oh what a good idea! Viola?”


“Give me a minute”

Scientist 1:




Scientist 1:

“what are your thoughts?”


“When it comes to understanding the bodies immune response, current technologies give us only part of the picture. What do you think?”

Scientist 2:

“Ok, i’ve got this! Our tech’ completes the picture by enabling comprehensive immuno-profiling of antibody response against COVID-19”

Scientist 3:

“Based on affinity! Good idea, that’s an important characteristic of protein interactions and that is something that antibody tests can’t really measure. How does that sound?”

Scientist 4:

“Yes that is a good point, you see understanding the antibodies’ response to the virus is fundimental to the vaccine development process”

Scientist 1:

“Ok guys, thanks for your imput. It is clear that we have a really valuable research tool on our hands, now lets make sure everyone knows about it.”