Fluidity One brochure

The Fluidity One brochure gives an overview of the capabilities, applications and full technical specifications.

Download a pdf copy here.

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    • Publication18 April 2019

      PEGS Boston 2019 poster

      Download a copy of our poster as shown at PEGS 2019 here, titled; Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS) for protein characterization – latest results and next steps.

    • Webinar22 March 2019

      Using MDS to observe protein oligomerization

      In this webinar we explore protein oligomerization, and look at two case studies where microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) was used to observe changing oligomeric states.

    • Documentation11 February 2019

      Fluidity One quick start guide

      This handy quick start guide will have you running tests and interpreting results on the Fluidity One as soon as possible.

    • Documentation26 September 2018

      Fluidity One Chip Flow factsheet

      This factsheet shows how the microfluidic chips used with the Fluidity One work, through diagrams and a short description.

    • Video18 September 2018

      Introducing The Fluidity One - video

      This short video introduces the Fluidity One instrument, how it works, what Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing MDS is, and why native state protein analysis is so vital.

    • Blog14 September 2018

      Basel Life and Miptec 2018 - poster and presentation download

      The Miptec exhibition at Basel Life 2018 marked the official launch of our Fluidity One instrument. Download a copy of our poster and presentation from the event here.

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