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  • Video15 October 2019

    We are Fluidic

    Fluidic Analytics is made up of a wide range of experts who have come from different scientific backgrounds. Here, we take a look at some of our ever-growing team.

  • Video15 October 2019

    Drug Target Review webinar

    Missed out on our recent Drug Target Review webinar? Don't worry you can watch it here anytime.

  • Video10 September 2019

    How does the Fluidity One-W work?

    The Fluidity One-W uses microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) technology to determine the binding affinity between proteins and their binding partners; whether they are aptamers, lipids, DNA, small molecules or other proteins. Watch the video to understand how the Fluidity One-W works.

  • Video13 August 2019

    Conference Poster Presentations 2019

    Throughout 2019 we will be attending conferences all over the world and seeking out research topics and poster presetations we really think are worth taking a look at. Check back here regularly for videos of poster presentations that present cutting edge science from around the globe.

  • Video12 August 2019

    Measuring IL2 Stability in different buffers using Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS)

    In this video we look at how a commercially available human interleukin-2 is assessed by microfluidic diffusional sizing on the Fluidity One across a dilution series. The hydrodynamic radius is observed to increase with increasing concentration, in a way which suggests a monomer-trimer equilibrium with positive cooperativity is established.

  • Video25 July 2019

    KD video series

    Here is our series of videos that explain what te dissociation constant, KD, is and how to derrive it on a binding curve.

  • Video24 July 2019

    Lucie Machikova - EBSA IUPAP 2019 Poster video

    Lucie Machikova talking through her poster detailing the work carried out in her publication "Putative interaction site for membrane phospholipids controls activation of TRPA1 channel at physiological membrane potentials".