Frequently asked questions

How should I cite Fluidity instruments in my paper?

Properly citing the instruments used in your work ensures clarity and transparency.

When referencing a specific instrument ensure the name is capitalized and followed by the manufacturer in brackets – for example;

  • Protein size data was collecting using a Fluidity One instrument (Fluidic Analytics Ltd, Cambridge, UK)
  • Protein interactions were assessed with a Fluidity One-W instrument (Fluidic Analytics Ltd, Cambridge, UK)

When referencing the overall technique please state; microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS). This ensures that readers can quickly identify the specific technique used.

If you require imagery to show how our instruments and MDS works here are some diagrams to how how they work:

Fluidity One Panel 1 Fluidity One-W panel 1

Fluidity One Panel 2 Fluidity One-W panel 2

Fluidity One Panel 3 Fluidity One-W panel 3

Fluidity One Panel 4 Fluidity One-W panel 4

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