How to download raw data files from your Fluidity One-W

Published on June 30th, 2021

Instructions for downloading data from Fluidity One-W and Fluidity One-W Serum

  1. Insert USB stick into the port on the front of the unit next to the touchscreen
  2. Log in to the user account where the data you wish to download is saved (If you are an admin you can download all data on the instrument)
  3. Open the side bar menu by touching the three stripe icon in the top left corner, then select “View results”
  4. Long press on the first result you want to download, and tick boxes will appear next to all of the results listed
  5. Touch each tick box to select the results required, or alternatively touch “Select all” from the options bar displayed
  6. Once all the required results are ticked touch “Export files”. The “Export options” dialog box will appear—by default results are saved as .json, but you can select here to also export as .csv or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Admin accounts only will also see the option “Also delete files after export”
  7. A file browser dialog will appear, navigate to the folder you want to export results into and touch “Select”.
  8. Once the chosen file formats are selected touch “Export files” to perform the export. A message saying “Files successfully exported” will appear when the export is finished.
  9. Results will remain saved on the instrument after they have been downloaded. To delete results after download select view results from the side bar menu, and touch the small graph icon next to the result, and select “Delete result” from the options.