The cost of poor quality protein

This infographic explores what is meant by "protein quality" - and where it can cause problems in research.

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      Gatekeeping your protein analyses

      This blog explores how "gatekeeper" techniques can save time, cost and resources in your protein analyses and gives three golden rules to keep in mind when placing gatekeepers in your lab.

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      Understanding the cost of poor quality protein preparations

      Poor quality protein preparations can dramatically impact downstream analyses, confounding results and wasting significant time and money. This blog explores just what protein quality means, and where poor quality can impact your research.

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      Interleukin-2 stability in changing buffer and temperature conditions

      The stability of interleukin-2 in different buffers and storage temperatures is evaluated using the Fluidity One. We find that IL-2 forms aggregates within 24 hours in some buffers, and that the Fluidity One provides a simple means to evaluate the stability of proteins across different conditions.

Concerned about protein aggregation?

Observing aggregation without bias can reveal new insights.

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