Basel Life and Miptec 2018 - poster and presentation download

The Miptec exhibition at Basel Life 2018 marked the official launch of our Fluidity One instrument.

Fluidic Analytics at Basel Life Miptec 2018


Our poster outlined the fundamentals of the technology (MDS, Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing) and highlighted some of our latest application data. This includes using the Fluidity One to assess different buffers and storage conditions for proteins or to detect and monitor oligomeric changes.

Download THE pdf of our poster here


Dr Chris Thorne our Head of Marketing also presented on the Miptec stage to introduce Fluidic Analytics, how MDS works and the Fluidity One.

Chris Basel Life Miptec 2018 Presentation

His talk outlined some of the key applications for this new method of protein analysis, both in academic and commercial protein R&D.

Download the pdf of our presentation slides here

Thank you to all the attendees who joined us in the exhibition hall ,or at our after party to celebrate the Fluidity One launch!

We look forward to working together in the future as we continue to develop new ways to analyse peptides and proteins, and understand the machinery of life.

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