Our commitment to continuous improvement

Quality is our highest priority

Fluidic Analytics Limited is a company inspired by the roles proteins play in the biological world. Our vision is that protein science will transform our understanding of how the biological world operates in real time. We believe that this transformation will be every bit as revolutionary as the way that advances in DNA sequencing have transformed our understanding of how the biological world operates over decades, lifetimes and generations. And we believe that Fluidic Analytics can help make this vision a reality by developing products that enable easier, faster, more convenient and more accurate protein characterisation, whether in the lab, in the clinic or in everyday life.

It is the company’s policy to grow iteratively from our humble beginnings to a globally significant company. Steps in the development will be challenging but realistic. The company will focus its efforts on developing products for protein analysis in research laboratories, but will actively seek opportunities to apply and develop these same tools in the fields of clinical diagnostics and direct-to-consumer diagnostics.

The Quality of our products and our commitment to seeking rigorous and objective review of our products and activities will be paramount in building excellent customer relations. By enabling our customers’ success in protein characterisation we will gain trust and recognition in the market place.

At Fluidic Analytics we look to ensure quality in everything we do—from our research and development to our production and customer support.

To achieve these objectives Fluidic Analytics will operate in a manner that:

  • Builds a highly experienced team with a focus on collaborative working to grow the company and lead it in the future
  • Develops and continuously improves agile systems to design, develop and manufacture products that exceeds customer expectations and regulatory requirements
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Quality Systems of our Suppliers and Customers to provide a high degree of confidence in our ability to deliver a superior quality product
  • Supports the use of our products in the field with class leading documentation and customer support

Our ISO certifications are a testament to our ongoing commitment.


Fluidic Analytics is changing how proteins are characterised

We're doing this with novel, cutting edge technology and a fantastic, committed team