Assess on-target protein interactions even in crude biological backgrounds

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With Fluidity One-W

  • Minimize false positives and negatives

    By measuring your proteins and their interacting partners in a close-to-native, biological background, you can expect more transferable results that are consistent with those you would see in biology.

  • Assess binding at the earliest possible stage

    Work in crude biological mixtures with minimal preparation, while controlling for off target binding. Gain valuable insights at the earliest possible stage.

  • Avoid wasted downstream processing

    Assess the quality of your protein complex even in early stage fractions, allowing you to optimize protocols early. Use insights on state and yield to rationalize how you move forward before you begin time consuming purification.

  • Look at the hard stuff too

    Solution state measurement coupled with high sensitivity means you can study proteins that can be problematic for other systems.

  • Get more for less

    Gain meaningful insights into protein complexes and their formation with less sample and in less time.

  • Pipette, plug, play

    The minimal sample prep, easy-to-use design and wide dynamic range means you will spend less time setting up, and more time generating the data you need.

Would you like to be an early adopter?

The Fluidity One-W is currently in development, and we’re enrolling early access partners to help us define the specification of the instrument based on their applications. If you'd like to learn more and potentially participate then get in touch

Anticipated features

The ability to measure complex size, while controlling for off target binding and false positive measurements, combined with minimal prep requirements and intuitive design, means that with Fluidity One-W you can confidently analyze your protein at the earliest possible stage, reducing the time to all important go/no-go decisions.

  • In-solution, on target determination of complex formation in a single measurement using Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS)
  • Sizing of any fluorescently labelled molecule – proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, oligonucleotides, polymers or nanoparticles
  • High reproducibility and accuracy (even at low concentrations)
  • Easy-to-use interface and consumable management
  • Disposable single use chips and contained waste minimize risk of cross contamination between measurements and reduce cleaning and setup times
  • Broad buffer compatibility – suitable for use with any biologically compatible buffer, even those containing detergents
  • Low sample requirement
  • Over the air software updates deliver ongoing system improvements

*The Fluidity One-W is currently in development. Exact specifications are not yet confirmed and may be subject to change

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