Fluidity One-W Serum

Fight COVID-19 via accurate immune response assessment in minimally diluted serum

Fluidity One-W Serum instrument

We have developed a new instrument that enables comprehensive profiling of the antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 on the basis of affinity—a crucial characteristic of protein interactions that traditional antibody tests cannot easily quantify.

In-solution affinity profiling directly in minimally diluted serum
Ability to independently determine antibody affinity and concentration

Why measuring affinity in serum is important

  • Scientists, clinicians and the biopharma industries across the world are trying to understand how proteins and their interactions effect sickness and health.

  • The ability to accurately assess the immune response is crucial to better understand infectious diseases like COVID‑19.

  • Traditional immunoassays such as ELISAs offer only an incomplete picture of the immune response against SARS‑CoV‑2 as they combine affinity and concentration into a single, less-precise measure known as titer.

  • Titers cannot distinguish between large numbers of weak-binding antibodies and small numbers of strong-binding antibodies.

  • Understanding antibody responses on the basis of quantitative fingerprints of affinity and concentration could have major implications for plasma transfer treatments, vaccine and therapeutic development, and the ongoing monitoring of immunity.

  • Quantification of protein interactions

    Characterization and quantification of antigen-antibody interactions directly in minimally diluted serum

  • Fingerprints of affinity and concentration in real time

    Independent determination of antibody affinity and concentration for comprehensive immune response assessments in real time

  • In-solution measurements in complex backgrounds

    Elimination of non-specific binding and other binding artifacts for accurate characterization of protein interactions

Protein interactions
Complex backgrounds
Technique comparison
Protein interactions

Characterize protein interactions in complex backgrounds

Determine antibody affinity (antibody binding strength) and concentration directly in patient serum for a comprehensive immune response assessment.

Complex backgrounds

Measure in complex backgrounds

Characterize protein interactions in biological mixtures such as crude lysates, plasma without surface constraints or binding artifacts.

Technique comparison

How does the Fluidity One-W Serum compare to other techniques

Our approach uses in-solution measurements to eliminate the many drawbacks of immobilized assays including non-specific binding and binding artifacts. 

As a result, our assays can be run in native complex backgrounds like minimally diluted serum to better predict in-vivo performance.

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Fluidity One-W Serum instrument

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Fluidity One-W Serum highlights

  • Characterization of protein interactions in solution using microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS)
  • Ability to measure in complex backgrounds such as minimally diluted serum
  • No binding artifacts or non-specific binding, no surface-constraints
  • Independent determination of antibody concentration and affinity for a comprehensive immune response assessment
  • Easy-to-use interface and consumable management
  • Disposable single use chips and contained waste minimize risk of cross contamination 
  • Research use only

Fluidity One-W Serum instrument

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