The Fluidity One-I (in development)

In-solution sizing and quantification of unlabelled proteins in complex mixtures

The Fluidity One-I instrument will measure the size and concentration of protein targets in complex mixtures such as cell lysates or blood plasma. It will derive its specificity by using matched antibody pair proximity assays to selectively detect chosen targets on a disposable chip and without wash steps.

Minimal sample preparation is required, just removal of large insoluble particles, following which just 5 µL sample is pipetted onto the chip. Upon initiation, proteins are sized in solution, under native conditions, and then detected and quantified by immunoassay. Calibration will be carried out automatically alongside sample measurement. On the prototype instrument samples will be measured one at a time, with each sample analysis taking approximately 30 minutes.

Key applications of the Fluidity One-I will be:

  • Low-throughput quantitative immunoassays, with the additional benefit of the measured target size providing an indicator of target condition and reaction specificity
  • Direct monitoring of changes of size (e.g. aggregation, degradation, (un)folding) in complex solutions
  • Quick cost effective analysis of single samples prior to running full plate ELISA.


  • Workflow: pipette sample, standard and immunoprobe onto chip and press start
  • Run time: 30 min
  • Sample consumption: 5 µL
  • Sensitivity: Sample and probe dependent but approximately 1 ng/mL

We’re currently seeking labs with a clear need for the Fluidity One-I to help us define the specification and applications of the instrument. Are you interested in collaborating with us and being an early access user?

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