Disposable Microfluidic Chips

Single-use injection molded chips for use with the Fluidity One for microfluidic diffusional sizing.

The microfluidic chips for the fluidity One are sold as part of a consumable pack with reagent cartridges. These packs come in 3 sizes:
Small – 4 chip boxes (total 96 chips) and one reagent cartridge.
Medium – 12 chip boxes (total 288 chips) and 3 reagent cartridges.
Large – 48 chip boxes (total 1152 chips) and 12 reagent cartridges.

Reagent Cartridges

Fluidity One disposible microfluidic chips are bundled with sufficient reagents cartridges for the number of chips you order. These cartridges contain everything you need to perform Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing on the Fluidity One, including our latent amine reactive label to ensure high sensitivity and low background. For advice on changing your reagent cartridge on the Fluidity One visit our FAQ.


Request a consumable quote

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