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    Want a quick way to experience the benefits that MDS technology brings to your research?  
    The Protein Interactions Lab is a fee-for-service laboratory you can send your samples to, for expert analysis of the most challenging targets, in complex backgrounds. 

    We understand that project timelines sometimes mean you need an answer quickly, or perhaps you need additional data to finalize a publication or justify that grant. By sending your samples to us, we can do the heavy lifting, or work in collaboration with you to plan an experiment that solves your unique challenges. Your project will be clearly structured into work packages and handled by PhD level scientists. Each work package is clearly priced and built on milestones that allow you to validate the approach at every step.

    What can the Protein Interactions Lab offer? 

    Protein labeling

    Labeling customer-provided protein with fluorophore. Proteins can be sourced directly on customer’s behalf at cost where third-party license agreements permit. Note that this cannot be provided as a standalone service.

    Affinity (KD) determination in buffer or complex backgrounds

    In-solution affinity measurement of purified protein binding to another species. Measurements can be performed in all common buffers or with proteins spiked into complex backgrounds like serum, plasma, saliva, or cell lysates.

    Serum Affinity and Concentration Assay

    The assay provides the target-specific affinity and the concentration of antibodies contained in a serum sample. Examples include antibodies developed after infection or vaccination such as in COVID or influenza or anti-drug antibodies developed against a therapeutic.

    Membrane Protein Affinity and Concentration Assay

    The assay provides the target-specific affinity, the concentration, and the expression level of a membraneprotein receptor. Examples include antibodies developed after infection or vaccination such as in COVID or influenza or anti-drug antibodies developed against a therapeutic.

    Neuroaffinity and Stoichiometry Assay

    The assay enables measurement of in-solution binding to amyloid aggregates such as oligomers or fibrils indicated in neurodegenerative diseases. Examples include various types of aggregates from proteins such as a-synuclein, amyloid beta, or tau.

    Custom assay development

    We can develop new assays according to customer needs, provide a protocol and execute the validated protocol on customer provided samples.

    Are you interested in learning more about our service process?

    Here are the details.

    Get in touch

    Discuss your research interests with us.


    Develop a project plan with us.


    Ship your samples to our lab.


    Sit back while we do the work for you.


    Discuss the results with us and get a detailed report as well as the raw data


    In case you rneed them – we are happy to send your samples back to you

    What are the sample requirements and contract details of the Protein Interactions Lab?

    What type of samples can the Protein Interactions Lab work with? 

    We have biosafety category 2 labs and a human tissue authority license which enables us to work with screened serum, saliva, blood, or tissue samples. In addition, we are also equipped and have the experience to handle various types of protein samples such as antibodies, membrane proteins, multi-component complexes, intrinsically disordered proteins, or fibrils.  

    What do we deliver at the end of each project? 

    At the end of each project, our expert scientists will meet with customers and explain the results in detail as well as prepare an in-depth report. We also, as a standard, share all the raw data with you. If requested, we can also provide a step-by-step protocol on how to run the assay.  

    How do we charge? 

    Our charging system is fully transparent and based on different rates for different assay types. Generally, the rate correlates with the complexity of the assays we will be running and the duration of the project. Projects are split up into separately priced work packages. We will check back with you after completion of each work package to ensure continued interest before pursuing downstream work.  

    Interested in exploring other ways to evaluate our MDS technology?

    An onsite demonstration allows new customers to see the advantages of Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS) for themselves, the ease-of-use of our consumables, and the benefits of our data science tools.

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