Fluidity One-M

The only device that analyzes your most challenging interactions in complex backgrounds

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Why the Fluidity One-M?

Molecular size: 

Robust interaction measurement with in-built quality control

Multi-attribute results:

Affinity (KD), concentration, stoichiometry, and size from a single experiment


Analyse disease-relevant proteins closer to their native environment and avoid non-specific surface binding, avidity, and misfolding


Avoid sample purification and stability screening, even for membrane proteins

Maintenance-free design: 

Containing fluidics within the consumable avoids clogging, priming, or flushing

Easy access:

Intuitive user interface provides guided experimental setup and automated data analysis

Key features

4 µL

Sample volume per data point enables KD determination with as little as 50 µL of sample

1 – 20 nm

Range for size measurement, covering peptides to multiprotein complexes and fibrillar aggregates

25 minutes

To generate 24 data points, providing a KD value in under an hour

35 kg

Standalone benchtop instrument, operated by a touchscreen


Complex research in a simple workflow


10 minutes


3 minutes


25 minutes


2 minutes

Results in under 45 minutes with only 15 minutes hands-on time

Technology comparison

Existing technologies

Immobilisation of proteins on a surface

  • Non-specific binding
  • Misfolding
  • Avidity effects

Purification of proteins

  • Non-native environments
  • Time-consuming

Indirect measurement principle

  • No in-built assay control
  • Ambiguous results
  • Expert know-how required

Flow-chip or capillary-based consumables

  • Clogging with crude samples
  • Cleaning and equilibration required
  • Cross-contamination
  • Cumbersome handling

Large sample volumes

  • Lower number of replicates possible
  • Less material available for complimentary measurements

Fluidity One-M

In-solution approach

  • Direct use of disease-relevant proteins
  • Native structure
  • No avidity

Purification-free workflows

  • Native environments possible
  • Shorter time to result

Size-based measurement principle

  • In-built assay control
  • Highly reproducible and easy to interpret results

Plate-based consumables

  • Works with serum, plasma, or lysates
  • Fresh, ready-to-use consumable
  • No cross-contamination
  • Quick sample load with multi-channel pipettes

Small sample volumes

  • More replicates
  • More material available for orthogonal characterization

Fluidity One-M specification

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