Fluidity One-M


Fluidity One-M

Quantify and characterize any protein interaction

The Fluidity One-M system enables quantification and characterization of any protein interaction – even in complex backgrounds or with challenging targets

Characterize polyclonal

Track functional immune response
in serum samples

Reveal therapeutic antibody / protein interaction mechanisms

Characterize disordered proteins or higher-order complexes under close to
in vivo conditions

Explore aggregation effects and distinguish between specific and
non-specific binding

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Fluidity One-M highlights

  • Uses microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) technology to measure changes in molecular size (hydrodynamic radius) as binding events occur
  • Enables development of customized protocols to study a wide range of interactions – typical run time 25 minutes for 24 datapoints to determine KD
  • Eliminates risk of binding artefacts or other surface constraints – measure directly in solution – no surface immobilization
  • Minimizes consumption of precious samples – 3.5 μL per datapoint (application dependent), 50-80 μL to determine KD

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Fluidity One-M specifications

  • System

    • Application

      Determine KD, and concentration in biological buffer systems or backgrounds such as serum or plasma

    • Technology

      Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS)

    Interaction analysis

    • Run time

      Typically within 25 min for 24 datapoints to determine KD

    • Size range: hydrodynamic radius, Rh

      1 – 20 nm

    • Accuracy of size determination

      ± 10%

    • Reproducibility of size determination

      CV < 10%

    • Working range molecular weight

      1.4 kDa – 14 MDa

    • Sensitivity range (labeled HSA in PBS)

      100 pM – 10 μM Alexa Fluor™ 488 | 100 pM – 10 μM Alexa Fluor™ 647

    • Typical sample consumption to determine protein KD

      50 – 80 μL

    • Sample volume per datapoint

      3.5 μL (application dependent)

    • Compatibility

      Compatible with crude, complex backgrounds such as undiluted serum or plasma Compatible with aqueous and biological buffers including components such as TRIS, HEPES, PBS, NaCl, KCl, TWEEN, DMSO and DMF

    • Datapoints per run

      Up to 24 datapoints per run

    • Fluorescent labels

      Alexa Fluor™ 647 and equivalents, RFP/Cy5, Alexa Fluor™ 488 and equivalents, GFP/FITC, Fluidiphore labeling kit (fluidiphore rapid amine 503)

    • Data export

      USB Mass Storage Device / Fluidity Cloud

    • Exported data file formats


    • Data output from Fluidity Cloud

      Result tables, binding curves and affinity (KD), size (Rh) of complex and labeled species


    • Consumables

      Kits sufficient for 192 datapoints


    • Temperature control

      25 °C (actively controlled)

    • Operating environment

      15 °C to 30 °C

    • Power requirements

      100 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz

    • Safety and EMC standards

      Designed to comply with all relevant safety and EMC standards


    • Dimensions (D x W x H; mm)

      666 x 432 x 489 (Drawer Out)

    • Weight (kg)


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The Fluidity One platform enables quantification and characterization of any protein interaction –

even in complex backgrounds or with challenging targets

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