Our Guiding Principles

We believe that this set of values and ways of working helps us make better decisions and do so faster and more easily

What we expect from each other


We take the initiative. We get the job done well and on time. We learn from our successes and our failures.


We treat people fairly. We act honestly and respectfully. We are accountable for our actions.


We encourage open and honest communication. We embrace diversity in thoughts and ideas. We listen.

What makes us good at what we do

Do things that make a real difference

We do things that really matter to our customers. We prioritise things that have the most impact. We strive to benefit as many people as possible.

Understand the problem & the goal

We establish a deep understanding of our customer’s challenges. We define clearly the goals we are aiming to achieve. We seek out and assess the most critical barriers first.

Implement successful solutions

We deliver the simplest, most effective solutions. We use existing solutions wherever we can. We invent better solutions whenever we need to.

Fluidic Analytics is changing how proteins are characterized

We're doing this with novel, cutting edge technology and a fantastic, committed team

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