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Liam, Head of Quality and Regulatory

Insight into Work in the Quality Control Team

Hi I’m Liam, and I’m the head of Quality and regulatory at Fluidic Analytics. What attracted me to Fluidic Analytics was the vision the company has, underpinning that vision is the technology that’s more than capable of helping us achieve those goals.

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What specifically interested you about your role?

in working for small companies and helping them achieve the quality and regulatory requirements that allow them to sell products on the market. And that includes clinical products which is where Fluidic Analytics is heading in the near future.

What motivates you in your role at Fluidic Analytics? Why you do what you do and why is it important?

What I do is make sure the products we make are compliant with regulations around the world, this allows us to access as big a market as possible. What motivates me is, we have a technology here that will enable us to change the way that society looks at medicine. In a similar way to how genome sequencing has had a big impact in medical healthcare around the world, proteins are the next big thing. From my point of view, if our products aren’t compliant, we will be denying people around the world the opportunity to take advantage of our technology.

How would you describe working at Fluidic Analytics to a prospective employee?

The company has a culture that recognizes the individual, for instance we have flexible working patterns that fit around people’s lives. But we also spend a lot of time looking at how we can work as a team, which makes it a very rewarding place to work.

Would you recommend working at Fluidic Analytics, if so, why?

Absolutely! It’s a great place to work with great people, our technology pipeline has the chance to change healthcare significantly around the world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

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