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Jean-Paul, System Architect

Inside the Engineering Team

Hello, I’m Jean-Paul, I’m a System Architect here at Fluidic Analytics. It’s a fun role, you get to get involved in all the nitty-gritty bits, across all the teams, the way in which the technology fits in terms of trying to get a project out that’s going to make a difference to human life, research and biology.


How did you come to work for Fluidic Analytics?

Well, I was a young child who loved Lego and engineering, so when I went into the University of Cambridge to study engineering, I came out thinking I was an engineer. Then I hit my first job as a mechanical engineer in a company that specialized in microfluidics, and I learnt a lot about practical engineering. From that company, I came into Fluidic Analytics, and there I was open to all the different disciplines; physics, biology, software, electronics. I really enjoy getting to grips with is, how is this going to work, and working with the people, who love these things too. It’s been a fun journey to mold all these things together.

Can you describe your role at Fluidic Analytics?

I’m a system architect at Fluidic Analytics, I guess the clearest way to describe the role is really, it’s a nosey technical person. I act as a fly on the wall in lots of different discussions to try to understand where people are coming together. Then make sure the technical bits don’t drop through the gaps of the disciplines. Because it’s easy when you’re making a complicated system, for the biologists to care about biology, and the physicists to care about optics and light, but then the light has to look at the biology.

So, the interplay between systems is where problems are found, and it’s also the place where I catch those problems, and then we get products that are really useful for our users out the door.

What do you like about working at Fluidic Analytics?

Well, there’s two things about working at Fluidic that’s best, we’ve got a group of people who are passionate about getting products out the door, they’re enjoyable to interact with, they’re experts in their fields. But also, the other thing is we do get to make products that make a real difference to the world and to healthcare. We investigate proteins, and that is suddenly in this time coming up as such an important thing to make drugs or make hospital diagnostic decisions based on actual instruments, we plan on getting out to the market.

Can you describe the company culture?

This is one of those questions you can talk about for a while, but the main one I’m thinking of is that the culture we have is very much like a family. That even if the company has grown, the people that I’m dealing with we’ve all got each other’s backs, so we can talk openly, and that we all want the same thing and that we move together to get there.

Would you recommend working at Fluidic Analytics?

I’d definitely recommend people to join Fluidic Analytics, partly because I’m greedy. I want more people to work with! But also, because the more talent we get in the team, the better we develop our products, and it’s part of growth. We have got a great ambition to see Fluidic Analytics make an even greater impact on the world, and we’re going to need more people to do it. And there is a great opportunity to get involved in really interesting work with great people.

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