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Fluidic Analytics showcases protein analysis expertise across Europe

Published on October 1st, 2019

New technologies for protein analysis to be presented at multiple events throughout Europe this autumn.

Fluidic Analytics Ltd, a pioneer in protein analysis and the company behind in-solution diffusional sizing, will attend a number of events this Autumn to showcase its revolutionary technology for studying protein interactions. At each event across Europe, the team will present data from its pre-release instrument – the Fluidity One-W – which allows researchers to assess on-target protein interactions in solution and even in crude biological backgrounds.

The Fluidity One-W opens up the possibilities for detailed protein analysis in near-native states and natural environments, providing researchers with accurate and complete protein interaction data. Its ability to generate absolute size measurements through the proprietary method of microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) ensures confidence in the data collected and allows users to control for off-target binding and false positive measurements. Detailed protein interaction information including binding kinetics, KD calculations and stoichiometries can be generated, allowing researchers to gain the best insight into a protein’s behavior in the cell. The Fluidity One-W is also remarkably easy-to-use, operating on a pipette, plug and play basis with minimal sample preparation to reduce time and costs and allow analysis at the earliest possible stage.

At a number of the European events, Fluidic Analytics will be presenting data and talking about the new possibilities for protein analysis with MDS during short talks:

  • Dutch BioPhysics (Veldhoven, Netherlands, 7th-8th October)
  • Tools for the structural biology of membrane proteins (Hamburg, Germany, 7th-9th October)
  • BSI-2019 (Toulouse, France, 7th-11th October)
    – Including a 15-minute presentation, Tuesday 8th @ 09.15
  • GPCR International Meeting (Montpellier, France, 9th-11th October)
    – Including a 5-minute presentation, Friday 11th @ 10.55
  • PSDI 2019 (Cambridge, UK, 3rd-5th November)
  • Drug Discovery 2019 (Liverpool, UK, 5th-6th November)
  • Bioscience 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden, 7th November)
    – Including a 20-minute presentation – timing TBC

Dr Sean Devenish, at Fluidic Analytics commented: “We’re really looking forward to presenting new data and showcasing our newest instrument, the Fluidity One-W, ahead of its release later in the year. It’s a really exciting platform, that has a whole range of applications from neurobiology and structural biology to drug discovery. With its unique capabilities in-solution, the Fluidity One-W is the best option for analyzing difficult-to-study proteins like amyloid fibrils and large complexes, and so having one in the laboratory can really expand the types of proteins and systems that can be investigated. With our new approach to protein analysis, researchers can be sure of accurate, quality data for often previously inaccessible targets”

With our new approach to protein analysis, researchers can be sure of accurate, quality data for often previously inaccessible targets

More information on the events can be found on the Fluidic Analytics website and visitors can also stay up to date with the latest applications of diffusional sizing by signing up to the newsletter.

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