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Fluidic Analytics Receives £250k (US$384k) Funding Award

Published on June 7th, 2015

Fluidic Analytics Receives Smart Development of Prototype Award from Innovate UK.

Cambridge, 8th June 2015 – Fluidic Analytics today announced the receipt of a £250k (US$384k) Development of Prototype Award from the Smart scheme administered by Innovate UK.

Fluidic Analytics is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge that is developing products based on a disruptive technology for protein characterization. Proteins are the direct, real-time indicators of the state of a biological system. While DNA gives information about how people and organisms will develop over their entire lifetimes, proteins give information about how they are actually developing at a specific point in time. Real-time information is crucial in helping scientists and healthcare providers diagnose diseases, develop treatments and identify the right time to apply treatments.

This award will support development of a working pre-production prototype of Fluidic Analytics’ flagship product for laboratory applications, the Flow Mk-1. The Flow Mk-1 is a research tool that will enable high-sensitivity measurement – in seconds – of the size and concentration of proteins in their natural state using samples as small as one microlitre (roughly 1/50 the volume of a grain of rice).

This Development of Prototype Award follows on from the £100k Smart Proof of Concept Award which Fluidic Analytics received one year ago.

Dr Andrew Lynn, CEO of Fluidic Analytics, said “This second award from Innovate UK will enable us to further accelerate development of the Flow Mk-1 and bring us closer to launching the first of our cutting-edge products for the research market. We are extremely grateful to Innovate UK for its support.”

About Fluidic Analytics: Fluidic Analytics is a company with operations based in Cambridge, UK, formed in 2013 as a spin-out from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. The Company designs, develops and manufactures innovative tools for the fast, convenient and accurate characterization of proteins in laboratory research as well as in medical and consumer applications. Investors in Fluidic Analytics include: Cambridge Enterprise, DFJ Esprit, IQ Capital, Parkwalk, and Amadeus Capital Partners.

About Innovate UK: Innovate UK is the new name for the Technology Strategy Board – the UK’s innovation agency. Taking a new idea to market is a challenge. Innovate UK funds, supports and connects innovative businesses through a unique mix of people and programs to accelerate sustainable economic growth. For further information visit

About the Innovate UK Smart Scheme: Managed by Innovate UK, the Smart scheme offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology, from which successful new products, processes and services could emerge.

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