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Anthony Colletta


Dr Anthony Colletta is an experienced financier, executive and director in the life sciences industry.

Anthony was awarded a Doctorate from King’s College Hospital School of Medicine, and from 1984 through 1995 held a series of distinguished research positions, including that of Group Head at the Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital in London, where he remains a lifetime honorary research fellow. In 1995, Dr Colletta was recruited to the post of Head of Healthcare Equity Research and Investment Banking at ABN AMRO, leading the healthcare group at ABN AMRO private equity.

From 2000-2004, he served as Managing Director responsible for global healthcare equity research at Dresdner Bank in London, from 2004-2006 as CEO and Head of Global Healthcare Funds for Satellite Asset Management, and from 2006-2011 as Managing Partner at In Vivo Capital and Technikos Capital. Dr Colletta has managed more than 50 healthcare and life sciences investments and multi-hundred-million-pound portfolios. He currently acts as an angel investor and independent director and has sat on the board of more than 15 small-cap companies that have achieved successful exits.

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