February 2019

Cambridge Network Recruitment Evening

Cambridge, UK

26th February 2019

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Looking for a career change? The Cambridge Network Recruitment evening is the chance to meet businesses hiring in the area - including Fluidic Analytics! It runs from 6 to 9pm on Eddington Avenue in Cambridge and is free and open to all to attend.

Find us in the main exhibitors hall, where you can ask us anything about our work, play, culture and open vacancies.

March 2019

ARBRE-MOBIEU 2019 Plenary meeting

Zagreb, Croatia

18th - 20th March 2019

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The ARBRE-MOBIEU network aims to seed a large-scale pan-European interdisciplinary synergistic clustering, allowing to ally and synergize the power of spectroscopic, hydrodynamic, real-time microfluidic, thermodynamic and single-molecule approaches for studies of biological macromolecules and assemblies as a whole.

Find Fluidic Analytics in the exhibition area with the Fluidity One, and ask us about our newest application studies.

April 2019

PIPPI - Protein-excipient Interactions and Protein-Protein Interactions in formulation

Heidelberg, Germany

1st - 2nd April 2019

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Researchers from all across industry and academia will come together at PIPPI to discuss all matters concerning protein interactions and the latest developments in characterizing them.

Find Paul from Fluidic in the exhibitors area, and ask us about our latest application notes.

Protein-Protein Interactions 2019

Leeds, UK

4th - 5th April 2019

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Speakers from industry and academia describe the strategies and challenges of analysing protein-protein interactions (PPIs) - the reactions which control virtually all vital cellular processes. Understanding PPIs plays a fundamental role in understanding the biology of healthy and diseased states.

Find the Fluidic Team in the exhibition area, where we will be showing the Fluidity One and introducing the Fluidity One-W.