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Regional Marketing Manager - EU

Purpose of the Job

Oversight of Fluidic Analytics’ marketing activities in Europe and management of European marketing team to drive commercialisation of the company’s products and growth of the sales pipeline.

About the Company

Proteins are the building blocks of life. They form the structure of cells, regulate cellular activity and carry out the biochemical processes that underpin function in every living organism. Just as DNA tells what could happen over lifetimes, proteins and their behaviour tell us what is happening now.

Fluidic Analytics envisions a world where information about proteins and their behaviour transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates, and helps all of us make better decisions about how we diagnose diseases, develop treatments and maintain our personal well-being.

By building the world’s best tools, software and services for protein characterisation and making them universally accessible in the lab, in the clinic or at home, we are making this vision a reality not just for a small group of expert users, but for everyone who can benefit.

Our products are based on a fundamentally new technology platform developed at the University of Cambridge. This platform enables the rapid characterisation of proteins based on the physical properties that determine their function. And because proteins are characterised in solution and in their natural state – without the need for surfaces, matrices or ionisation – this platform gives our customers access to unique quantitative insights into protein behaviour that are not accessible using other approaches.

Responsibilities and Duties

Formulate and execute an effective overall plan for marketing the company's lab-tool products to scientific researchers and industrial clients in Europe

  • Assume primary responsibility for the European marketing, and ownership of marketing calendar.
  • Maintain oversight of all marketing materials and customer facing activities: hard-copy and electronic collateral, product marketing programs, trade show exhibitions, multi-channel content and digital marketing.
  • Harness modern media and analytics to drive growth of company’s sales funnel and launch of Fluidic’s new products.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for exposure for Fluidic in Europe through co-marketing, sponsorship, PR and scientific collaborations.
  • Oversee a program of PR to generate leads and strengthen Fluidic brand in life science field.

Provide strategic input to guide the development of the company’s pipeline products

  • Develop and maintain a sound understanding of the company’s core technological capabilities and a strong rapport with the company’s development team.
  • Maintain a detailed and up-to-date knowledge of activities of competitors, partners and companies operating in parallel sectors.
  • Working with the Product Director and Product Marketing Manager, ensure a broad internal knowledge of market opportunities are disseminated to the company, and that product value propositions are clearly articulated to customers.
  • Provide leadership to facilitate the development of commercially and scientifically impactful product specifications.

Manage the company’s European marketing team to ensure best practices that drive growth, maximise ROI on spending and amplify the brand.

  • Act is line manager for growing marketing team based in Cambridge UK and in the field.
  • Help marketing team to identify most effective and efficient channels for dissemination of user generated content such as publications, application notes and protocols.
  • Ensure team is well trained on company’s marketing automation system (Hubspot), and that continual optimisation ensures leads are profiled, served content at the right time, and handed off to the sales team when qualified.
  • Maintain a dashboard of marketing KPIs including lead generation, conversation rates and search engine rankings to ensure a growth trajectory is maintained, enabling visibility to senior management team.
  • Act as a brand guardian – ensuring all external material is consistent with the quality and position of the company, and that the reputation of the company is protected.

Effectively promote an internal culture that empowers all team members to contribute to the company’s sales and marketing activities

  • Communicate the importance and impact of the company’s marketing activities internally.
  • Promote a culture where input from all members of the company is sought and shared during all phases of product life cycle.
  • Empower all colleagues to act as brand and product ambassadors to maximise the company’s sales and marketing footprint.

Requirements of the Candidate

  • 5-7 years in a European wide marketing role, ideally in a life sciences company.
  • Experience in managing and growing successful teams.
  • Familiar with aspects of protein science. A BSc or above in Biological sciences is preferred.
  • In-depth appreciation of best practice and challenges associated with marketing to scientific audiences.
  • Strong communication skills (both articulation and listening).
  • Experience in launching and early roll-out of at least one commercial product.
  • Clear understanding of what success looks like across different marketing channels and how it is best measured.
  • Experience in an SME highly desirable.
  • Ability to inspire confidence in, and get the most out of, colleagues.
  • Recognised abiltiy to establish a strong rapport with colleagues and facilitate company-wide buy in to marketing and sales efforts.
  • Willingness roll-up sleeves to get things done.
  • Competence, integrity and communication.


  • Experience with Agile or Scrum project management methodologies a plus.

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