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Marketing Manager - Community

Purpose of the Job

To drive life science community engagement with Fluidic Analytics at events, tradeshows, on social media and through other digital channels.

About the Company

Proteins are the building blocks of life. They form the structure of cells, regulate cellular activity and carry out the biochemical processes that underpin function in every living organism. Just as DNA tells what could happen over lifetimes, proteins and their behaviour tell us what is happening now.

Fluidic Analytics envisions a world where information about proteins and their behaviour transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates, and helps all of us make better decisions about how we diagnose diseases, develop treatments and maintain our personal well-being.

By building the world’s best tools, software and services for protein characterisation and making them universally accessible in the lab, in the clinic or at home, we are making this vision a reality not just for a small group of expert users, but for everyone who can benefit.

Our products are based on a fundamentally new technology platform developed at the University of Cambridge. This platform enables the rapid characterisation of proteins based on the physical properties that determine their function. And because proteins are characterised in solution and in their natural state – without the need for surfaces, matrices or ionisation – this platform gives our customers access to unique quantitative insights into protein behaviour that are not accessible using other approaches.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Oversee and drive engagement of the life sciences community with Fluidic Analytics online and on social media.
    • Work with the wider marketing team to publish high value content through a variety of digital channels such as industry forums and Twitter.
    • Be accountable for Fluidic Analytics’ social media presence, tracking engagement and identifying opportunities for growth, monitoring topical mentions and opportunities to contribute to discussions.
    • Drive development of a Fluidic community portal – where customers and scientists can access support from Fluidic and each other
    • Drive awareness of and engagement with Fluidic Analytics products and brand through in person events and tradeshow exhibitions
    • Use a variety of forums to deliver the Fluidic Analytics message; conference exhibitions, focus groups, high impact speaking opportunities, training events, one-on-one engagements, and customer networking
    • Deliver an ongoing program of seminars and speaking engagements to raise awareness of our products, educate the market and generate leads and opportunities
    • Attend conferences across our markets, bringing back market knowledge of our existing and new market segments, and developing an on-the-ground strategy for accessing them.
    • Maintain and oversee conference calendar, and ensure that deadlines are communicated to stakeholders
    • Determine conference ROI using company’s CRM - track leads generated at events and progression and conversions

  • Develop long term strategic relationships with key opinion leaders and key accounts to enable informed product and application development
    • Identify key opinions leaders, establish mutually beneficial relationships, and engage them in product development process and beta testing.
    • Through extensive conversations with potential customers and KOLs, synthesize and prioritize the “Voice of the Customer” with respect to existing and potential applications and products
    • Nurture KOLs from collaborators to evangelists, willing to promote Fluidic Analytics products through co-marketing opportunities.

  • Work as part of the marketing team and alongside sales to meet agreed lead, growth and revenue targets.
    • Work closely with sales to ensure a smooth and transparent transfer of leads, and to monitor lead quality
    • Provide ongoing feedback to enable continuous improvement of sales and marketing materials.

  • Contribute proactively to the long-term development of the Company
    • Effectively promote an internal culture that empowers all team members to contribute to the company’s sales and marketing activities
    • Empower all colleagues to act as brand and product ambassadors to maximise the company’s sales and marketing footprint
    • Help drive internal engagement with Fluidic’s marketing, empowering employees to become advocates for the company’s mission
    • Seek to understand the customers problems better than they do, and how our products can deliver the best possible value in their research
    • Be a champion and exemplar of the company’s values and culture.

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