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Field Application Specialist

Proteins are the building blocks of life. They form the structure of cells, regulate cellular activity and carry out the biochemical processes that underpin function in every living organism. Just as DNA tells what could happen over lifetimes, proteins and their behaviour tell us what is happening now.

Fluidic Analytics envisions a world where information about proteins and their behaviour transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates, and helps all of us make better decisions about how we diagnose diseases, develop treatments and maintain our personal well-being.

 By building the world’s best tools, software and services for protein characterisation and making them universally accessible in the lab, in the clinic or at home, we are making this vision a reality not just for a small group of expert users, but for everyone who can benefit.

 Our products are based on a fundamentally new technology platform developed at the University of Cambridge. This platform enables the rapid characterisation of proteins based on the physical properties that determine their function. And because proteins are characterised in solution and in their natural state – without the need for surfaces, matrices or ionisation – this platform gives our customers access to unique quantitative insights into protein behaviour that are not accessible using other approaches.

Responsibilities and Duties

Be the technical representative of the Company prior to sales – working with potential customers to ensure their understanding, adoption and success with our technology.

  • Organisation and execution of instrument demonstrations on customer sites, working with technical team to ensure customer requirements can be met on the day.
  • Take feedback from customers regarding their product requirements, communicating their needs to the team for better equipment designing and marketing strategy.
  • When required, run customer samples to ensure our products can deliver the customer’s expectations prior to a demo.
  • Keep Sales team and CRM up to date with information about customer interactions
  • Work with Sales, Marketing and R&D to continually improve the effectiveness of demos, ensuring best possible chance of winning business.

 Be the technical representative of the Company following sales – help existing customers resolve issues, develop applications and get the best possible experience from the Fluidic Analytics’ products.

  • When required, carry out the installation and validation of sold instruments at the customer's site and provide appropriate training to customers on product usage and maintenance.
  • Be the first point of contact for inbound technical enquires from existing customers, triaging as appropriate and ensuring that the right members of the team are involved to resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • When required visit customers to troubleshoot problems and train new users.

 Maintain and build on the Company’s in-depth understanding of the capabilities of its products and technologies, to ensure the company remains at the leading edge of innovation.

  • Educate existing and potential customers and collaborators about our technology, and work with them to identify novel applications through the delivery of seminars, conference talks and live demonstrations.
  • Use interactions with customers and the market to assist the Marketing team in formulating sales strategies, and assess their ongoing effectiveness.
  • Participate in conferences and workshops to broaden the overview of the potential applications.
  • Work with Marketing to proactively maintain an overview of the capabilities of competitors and develop strategies to manage these. Make recommendations to implement and improve the Company’s product designs and development strategies based on a deep understanding of a broad range of relevant applications.
  • Contribute to the production of technical and application notes.

Identify, build and manage a network of key opinion leaders to inform product development decisions and act as early access partners for pipeline products.[CT5] 

  • Build relationships and rapport with KOLs for specific application cases, looking for mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties.
  • Work with collaborators to formulate interesting and achievable experimental plans, with a view to generating publications, application notes and sales.
  • Manage collaborations and long term instrument placements and part of ongoing instrument placement schedule, and communicate inventory requirements to deliver the schedule.

Requirements of Candidate

  • PhD or equivalent 3 years experience in biophysics, biochemistry, chemical engineering or similar field.
  • Attention to detail – ensuring all customer interactions are executed flawlessly.
  • Problem solver - independent and creative in finding solutions and identifying opportunities.
  • Drive to deliver on an individual level and as part of a team.
  • Urgency to get things done coupled with the foresight to invest in doing them even better in future.
  • Must be willing to travel (50% or more of time),
  • Full driving license.

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