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We frequently bring our instruments to interested labs to allow users to run their own samples, but TODAY we can demonstrate the advantages of the Fluidity One-W via a live demonstration.

The best way to truly understand the power of Fluidic Analytics’ technology is to see it for yourself.

Take advantage of our convenient live demonstrations to learn more about how the Fluidity One-W can assess on-target protein interactions, even in complex biological backgrounds. In today's current business climate a live web demonstration is the best way to learn about Fluidic Analytics’ and the application of our microfluidic diffusional sizing technology.


Advantages of a live demonstration

Our application specialists will illustrate the unique capabilities of the Fluidity One-W, during the live demonstration:

  • You can discuss your specific needs with our specialists
  • We can run YOUR samples during the demonstration
  • Watch the Fluidity One-W in action
  • Ask questions during a LIVE demonstration
  • Demonstrations can be arranged at your convenience

Or if there’s something specific you’d like to go through, just let us know

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