Data Protection Policy for Recruitment


Who is the data controller?

Fluidic Analytics Limited


Where will your information be stored and who will we share it with?

Data collected through our recruitment process will be held within the HR department of Fluidic Analytics Ltd and may be shared internally with our employees (for example managers and executives) and individuals acting on behalf of Fluidic Analytics on a consultancy basis (for example board members and contractors) throughout the recruitment process.


What information do we collect on you?

  • Your name and location
  • Previous working experience
  • Information on your skills and qualifications and career aims
  • Interview notes
  • References (with permission from candidates after offer is made)

Why do we have your information?

Information is gathered through the recruitment process to assess a candidates’ level of capability to fulfil the job role they have applied for.


How do we collect this information?

Candidates normally send their personal CVs through the following channels;

  • By email, post or in person
  • Through secure job boards where our vacancies are advertised
  • Through recruitment agencies
  • Via current Fluidic Analytics employee

Fluidic Analytics may also use public sources to gather additional information about a potential candidate such as a public LinkedIn profile or related website. 


Will your information be shared?

Information gathered through our recruitment process will only be shared with relevant employees (such as managers and executives) or individuals acting on behalf of Fluidic Analytics on a consultancy basis (such as board members and contractors). No information will be shared with external parties and no information will be shared with employees or any other individuals associated with Fluidic Analytics who do not have a valid need to receive it.

Fluidic Analytics will never share information on any potential candidate with any third-party companies or individuals.


Can you request your data/information to be removed?

Yes. Ifyou would like all data/information relating to you to be made available to you or removed from our records, all you need to do is make your request directly to our HR department via email All information will be deleted within 28 days of your request being received.


Will your information be verified at any stage?

Fluidic Analytics will obtain references with full permission from successful candidates once a job offer has been made. If a job offer is conditional upon receipt of suitable references, you will be made aware of this at the offer stage. Fluidic Analytics may also request copies of qualifications at the offer stage if applicable.


How is your information kept secure?

All electronically gathered data is stored securely on our servers. All Fluidic Analytics HR data is stored in a private drive which is only accessible by authorised members of staff.

Printed copies of CVs, recruitment process notes and references are stored in a secured cabinet within our HR department which is can only be accessed by authorised members of staff.

If candidates are sharing their information and data through a public website or job board, they will need to refer to the website’s or job board’s data policy for additional information on how these companies keep their data secure.


How long is your data kept for?

Information and relevant data gathered during the recruitment process relating to a candidate that becomes an employee of Fluidic Analytics will be stored throughout the duration of their employment with us. Information and relevant data relating to unsuccessful candidates, such as CVs, may be held for up to six months for the purposes of considering these candidates for future roles. After this period their CVs will be shredded and disposed of responsibly while all electronically stored copies will also be removed from all servers.

For any further details or questions please email HR at: