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Meet our people, Argy Gardelakos is a software developer at Fluidic Analytics. Understand what he enjoys most about working for Fluidic Analytics and how is in his role he is able to push myself and work on something that really matters.


Hello, my name is Argy Gardelakos and I work as a software developer. In my previous life I was working in Nokia Greece as a software developer in-test. But I wanted a bit more of a challenge, that is why I joined Fluidic Analytics here in “Silicon Fen” of Cambridge. Now I am able to push myself and work on something that really matters



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What do you enjoy most about working for Fluidic Analytics?

One of the things I really like here in Fluidic Analytics is that your hard work is getting recognized. I was hired as a software in-test but through hard work and improving myself I became a software developer.


Can you describe your role at Fluidic Analytics?

Well, our software department is quite diverse, we go from cloud technologies using Rust, to Android applications that actually run on a physical device. Even to firmware and FPGA, my role as a software developer in-test is to write information scripts to test all these different technologies. I also write code for automating the production line in my role as software developer.  


Can you tell us what sets Fluidic Analytics apart from other companies?

In Fluidic Analytics your voice is heard. Senior management is always asking us for feedback and new ways to improve ourselves. And your voices are heard, for example: We’ve had a few hiccups with our software release & deployment process, we suggested a few new tricks and now they are in place!

Can you describe the company culture?

I quite enjoy our “one-team” culture. We fight our battles together and we either take credit as a team or find new ways to improve ourselves, without the blame game


How has Fluidic Analytics supported your personal development?

 A while back when Kotlin was introduced, I had no experience with it. Through online trainings, guidance from senior developers and pair programming I feel quite comfortable using it everyday.


Would you recommend working at Fluidic Analytics?

I most certainly do! The flexibility in the working hours is what counts for me.


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Meet more of the team

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