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Cheryl, Territory Sales Manager

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Cheryl is Fluidic Analytics Territory Sales Manager for the United States and she knows "The most important thing when developing good client relationships is making a connection", Discover more insights into the sales team.


How did you come to work for Fluidic Analytics?

So the company is expanding, and I was contacted by a recruiter and I honestly wasn’t looking at the time. But he told me about the technology, and I went on the website and saw what Fluidic Analytics was doing in the Protein space, the tools that they’re creating. And I’ve spent a great amount of time as a bench scientist actually looking at protein interactions and I was intrigued and went though the interview process and here I am.


What do like about working at Fluidic Analytics?

I would say the thing I like most about working at Fluidic Analytics is the comradery, I think there is a high level of communication in this company. If anybody has a question, it’s answered, we are on team calls and we’re all sharing ideas and I feel like I’m being heard and I’m part of a team. So, I think I like that the most, that being part of a common goal


How would you describe your role?

So my role is on the sales team, my geography is the United States, I’d say that the company has given me really good sales tools, I feel like I’m able to do my job effectively by prospecting scientists. To be able to make that connection and put instruments on lab benches and I want to help scientists have the tools that they need to study proteins. So, it’s all about finding those scientists in academia, biotechs and pharma, finding those names and contacting them through e-mail and on the phone. Part of my job is also to go to the lab and do some demonstrations and show off this technology which I really enjoy, I enjoy being part of the science, I enjoy being in the lab showing off the technology and seeing what scientists are doing. 


How does Fluidic Analytics support your office in Boston?

This year the company has decided to build out a lab and office in Boston, Massachusetts, which I have been an integral part of, and it has gone very well. I would say I have been given a budget, any time there’s a question or a problem it has been answered and helped. I feel like I’ve been highly supported in getting this office and lab set up. I also feel that the company as a whole is very interested, they’re all excited about this Boston office and that has been so motivating. 


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