Our vision

Prevention or cure?

What if health changes were detected before they caused symptoms?

Healthcare doesn’t need to be retrospective

Drug companies spend millions creating drugs that may not work. Doctors order tests that may not accurately diagnose. Patients receive treatments they may not need. We can do so much better; if we truly understood molecular biology with confidence, healthcare could finally be precise.

When I'm a doctor, precision healthcare will exist

What if health changes were detected before they caused symptoms?

We can do better

Today, even the most advanced healthcare decisions rely on incomplete information about DNA, RNA and individual proteins. Drug development, clinical diagnosis and patient treatment are often based on ‘trial and error’. Fluidic Analytics believe we can, and should, be based on reliable data from a deeper, more accurate understanding of proteins, their mechanisms and interactions.

The advantages are huge, scientists, healthcare providers and patients would all benefit in terms of cost, time, efficacy and therefore, suffering will be reduced.

From the lab to everyday

Proteins can tell us more and more about what is happening within our bodies, but there’s a significant amount of research for us to facilitate first.

Healthcare is imprecise

Inaccurate diagnoses, imprecise treatment, expensive drug development. We want to help us all do better.