• Meet the CEO
  • Simon Morling, Chief Executive Officer

    Driving success through innovation

    Simon joined the Fluidic Analytics team in 2020 in the role of Chief Technology Officer leading the research and development of the Fluidity platform and expansion of the company’s manufacturing capabilities into commercial-scale operations.

    Throughout a 20-year career within the medical and life science industry he has worked in senior leadership roles within smaller emerging companies through to large multi-national organizations, taking innovative and disruptive technologies from the research phase through to market launch and into volume manufacturing.

    Now CEO, his wide range of customer knowledge, and product development experience includes intravenous infusion devices, point of care molecular diagnostics platforms, and multiplex immunoassay analysis tools.


    As CEO, how do you envision driving success and bringing about transformation for Fluidic Analytics?
    Can you give a brief overview of the company’s mission and what about our product (platform) sets it apart from competitors?
    Can you walk us through the company’s current product portfolio and future product plans?
    Can you expand on the Fluidity One-M, how does this compare with competitor products what sets the Fluidity One-M apart from its competitors?
    What gives Fluidic Analytics’ products an edge and enables them to tackle challenges in the field of proteomics?
    What do you see are the companies’ biggest strengths, and where do you see room for improvement?
    What are your priorities for the company in the short and long term?
    How do you foster open and transparent communication within the company, and what steps do you take to involve employees in decision-making processes?
    What are your hopes and predictions for the next 12 months?