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    Type of reagent to add to the mixture
    Volume (µL)
    Buffer 0 µL
    Protein stock solution 0 µL
    Dye stock solution 0 µL

    It is recommended to dilute the stock solution of dye so that the volume required is greater than 1 µL

    Additional information

    Amount of each reagent in the mixture
    DMSO in labeling miture 0 %
    Protein in labeling mixture 0 nmol
    Dye in labeling mixture 0 nmol

    DMSO concentrations higher than 1.8% might interfere with the structural integrity of the protein. In case the concentration of DMSO in the labeling mixture exceeds 1.8%, the sheet will ask for the addition of buffer to reduce the DMSO concentration to 1.8%. For DMSO concentrations <1.8%, no additional volume of buffer is required and this field will show 0.0 µL.

    In case either the volume of protein or the volume of dye to be added to the labeling mixture are <1.0 µL, it is recommended to dilute the respective stock solution.

    Enter either a molecular weight (kDa) or a hydrodynamic radius (nm) to convert

    If you would like to understand further the relationship between hydrodynamic radius and molecular weight see the details in the FAQ:

    FAQ: MW to Rh