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BBC showcases Fluidic Analytics’ clinical collaboration with Prof Aguzzi

Published on October 20th, 2020

BBC showcases Fluidic Analytics clinical collaboration with Prof Aguzzi that is described as a gamer changer in the fight against COVID-19

Cambridge, UK, October 20, 2020: Richard Westcott spent a day filming in our laboratories and interviewed both Andrew Lynn, CEO Fluidic Analytics, and Prof Adriano Aguzzi from University Hospital Zurich on the game-changing insights that our Fluidity One-W Serum has contributed to the fight against COVID-19. You can watch the full coverage on the BBC website and below.

During the report, Richard took viewers to the frontline in the battle against COVID-19 so they could see how the researchers at Fluidic Analytics and University Hospital Zurich are investigating the biggest scientific challenge in modern history.

BBC filming Fluidic Analytics

Fluidic Analytics, a Cambridge based biotech company, has pioneered the revolutionary process, which reveals how proteins interact in the body, the basis for drug treatments and the body’s immune response itself.

The collaboration involved a 40-patient study to reveal unique insights into the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 that could not be revealed by standard antibody tests. These insights included identifying the presence or absence of neutralizing antibodies in a rapid two-hour assay and quantifying the affinity of patient antibodies to key epitopes of the virus directly in minimally diluted serum on the Fluidity One-W Serum.

Andrew Lynn, CEO of Fluidic, said;

“It might surprise people to know that, even with all the miracles of modern medicine, we still have idea limited understating of how the immune system really works at the most basic molecular level. The opportunity to arm clinicians with a detailed understanding of how each patient’s immune response is evolving over time could have a profound impact on how they are diagnosed and treated.”

“Whether it’s helping identify which patients can safely return to work, or those whose immune response provides a template for developing new treatments, we are honored to be making a meaningful contribution to healthcare in such an important field.”

BBC interview with Prof. Adriano Aguzzi

BBC’s Richard Westcott interviews our chief executive Andrew Lynn, and also Prof Aguzzi University Hospital Zurich via video link.

Leading COVID-19 researcher Professor Adriano Aguzzi, the architect of a clinical study that mapped the immune response to COVID-19 in thousands of patients in Zurich, Switzerland, commented;

“Current techniques mean we still don’t really know how the body’s immune response works against coronavirus, which is hampering our efforts against the disease. This breakthrough gives us invaluable new insights and could be a game-changer for our ability to understand, diagnose and treat COVID-19.”

But the fight against coronavirus is just the beginning for the pioneering approach of Fluidic Analytics, available to scientists and clinical researchers in a remarkably small and affordable machine known as the Fluidity One-W. More information on this research can be found here.

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