Mortgages iOS app

How do I use the app to figure how much my payment will be?
Add a new mortgage by touching the + button. A new mortgage entry will be created.  Now just enter the principle , yearly interest rate, and the number of months.  As you change values, Mortgages will calculate the payment amount.

What is principle?
What is interest?
What is months?
What is payment?
  • principle is the amount of money that is being borrowed.
  • interest is the yearly interest rate. example: 6.5%
  • months is the number of months or payments that must be made.
  • payment is the amount of money that is paid back each month.

Why does the background turn red while entering mortgage information?
The background turns read when the MortgageCalculationEngine can not solve for the information that has been selected. An example would be not having the a payment that will allow the mortgage to be paid off in the allotted number of months.

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