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Sebastian, Lead Application Scientist – Life Sciences

Inside the Life Sciences Applications Team

Hello, my name is Sebastian, I’m the lead life science application scientist here at Fluidic Analytics.


Why did you apply to Fluidic Analytics?

I applied for this position because I was really interested in the cutting edge technology that Fluidic Analytics uses to tackle problems in proteins science. And by the ambition of the company to first become a major player in the life science industry and then make the transition towards becoming a healthcare company. A company that sells diagnostic products which will really make the difference in people’s lives.

What specifically interested you about your role?

What I really like about my role is that throughout the year we work on a variety of different projects. Fluidic Analytics is a very dynamic place to work at, there’s always something new happening, new challenges and on top of that there’s such a great group of people. The culture is great, people are extremely helpful and it really feels like something special is happening here. We are a team that has come together to really make a difference.

What motivates you in your role at Fluidic Analytics?

Well especially during the last couple of months, our COVID based research shows that our technology has the potential to really transform the way clinical research is done. That is a hugely gratifying experience which makes me feel like I’m part of something that matters.

How would you describe working at Fluidic Analytics?

Fluidic Analytics is a great company to work for, it’s a fun place, everyone is super helpful. We come together to find the best solutions for the challenges we face. Everybody’s opinion counts and beyond that we have flexible work hours which lets everybody work the way they want which I think is even more motivating to achieve our ambitious goals.

Would you recommend working at Fluidic Analytics, if so why?

I would definitely recommend working at Fluidic Analytics. It’s not only the cutting edge technology of our instruments that you’re going to work with, it’s also that we’re tackling some of the most interesting and some of the most challenging questions in science. We are working with collaboration partners in industry as well as academia who are world leaders in their fields, what more can you ask for?

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