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Maya, Sales Application Specialist

Inside the Sales Application Team

Understand what Maya enjoys most about working for Fluidic Analytics and how, in her role, she can be instrumental in implementing successful solutions to help the business operate as effectively.

What was it about Fluidic Analytics that interested you?

Having worked in the lab that Fluidic Analytics spun out from, I was excited to see how a new technology goes from the research & development phase to a commercially established product.

What specifically interested you about your role?

To learn more about the commercial aspects of a Life Sciences business and to see how my scientific knowledge could be applied to a new area.

What motivates you in your role at Fluidic Analytics? Why you do what you do and why is it important, and why you enjoy it?

It is rewarding to be able to help scientists around the world on a daily basis, and to feel that you have played a part in providing the support they need to pursue their research using the company’s products.

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