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Safa, Human Resources Advisor

Inside the Human Resources Team

Safa is Fluidic Analytics’ Human resources advisor and she believes the key to our success is “employee well-being and employee engagement”, read on to discover more insights into the Human Resources team.

How did you come to work for Fluidic Analytics?

I did my bachelor’s degree in sociology at Nottingham, and various modules within that degree were on employment in society and looked at people and behaviors. From there, I did an internship with local government, and I have experience in both private and public sectors as well as not for profit organizations.

How I came to work for Fluidic Analytics was, I was approached by an agency, they explained what the company does, and I found that really interesting. When I came in for an interview, I found the office environment quite cool and unique. I also found the people were fun and interesting. Everyone was super friendly, and it felt like a welcoming environment, and that is what I look for in a role, somewhere where I would feel comfortable.

The role itself was quite appealing as I could make it my own. It was a new role to the team, and so there were a lot of things that needed starting from scratch. A lot of things were not in place before I joined, so I found that exciting.

What do you like most about working for Fluidic Analytics?

I think it’s the people, we have a lot of bright, intelligent employees. I have lots of interesting conversations with them, and they feel comfortable sharing with me. There’s this stigma with HR that you can’t be open with HR, and I like to think that at Fluidic Analytics, there’s a two-way relationship. We seek out honest feedback from employees, and they, in turn, feel comfortable giving suggestions for improvements or what can be changed. That’s certainly one element that I enjoy about my job. In terms of how HR operates, it’s very flexible and open, and I feel like we have quite a friendly team, so again people feel comfortable talking to us, and in other companies, that’s not the case.

How would you describe your role?

Flexible and varied, as I said previously, I can make the role my own and shape it towards what the company needs. I like to focus on employee well-being and employee engagement, as I believe that is key to company success. My role involves a lot of training, including organizing training for managers as that is key to employee engagement and increasing productivity. In general, I work a lot on making sure employees are happy, I think that’s my main role and addressing the day-to-day employee inquiries and looking after the whole employee lifecycle.

How would you describe the company culture at Fluidic Analytics?

I would say we are all motivated, everyone knows what the goals are, and we are all working towards them. Despite the COVID restrictions, canceling a lot of our social events, I also think it’s a fun environment too.

How has Fluidic Analytics supported your development?

My manager’s really good at finding things that things that will help me develop and grow, also I get lots of help from content by employment lawyers or well-being coaches. These are often webinars or newsletters, but I have been on courses such as management training.

Would you recommend Fluidic Analytics to others, and if so, why?

Yes! For numerous roles across the company, there are opportunities to get stuck in. At Fluidic Analytics, managers tend to give employees a lot of trust and autonomy to allow them to get on with the task, I think makes this company a fun place to work.

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