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Viola, Clinical Lead Application Scientist

Inside the Clinical Applications Team

Hello, my name is Viola Denninger, I am a clinical lead application scientist at Fluidic Analytics. I did my PhD in Germany on African Sleeping Sickness, and then I spent a long time in academia doing post-docs at the University of Oxford and then Imperial College London. But, then I wanted to go into industry because I wanted to have a more direct impact on people’s lives, and this is how I ended up at Fluidic Analytics.


Can you describe your role at Fluidic Analytics?

I am working in the applications team where the life science part first develop assays as a proof of principle, which then in my clinical team, we then carry over to the clinical area. At the moment we are working a lot on COVID-19, we are investigating the binding affinity of antibodies in convalescent patient serum, and we really hope we can help the development of drugs and vaccines.

What do you like about working at Fluidic Analytics?

I like working at Fluidic Analytics because I have a feeling that I can make a real impact. We are working in a team, that is composed of really smart scientists, who are all very passionate about people and helping people, and I have a feeling I can make a real difference.

Can you describe the company culture?

So here we have a lot of cross-departmental communication, and everyone’s opinion is really heard and valued. We can see things from a different perspective, and together we can find successful solutions. I really like that about Fluidic Analytics.

Would you recommend working at Fluidic Analytics?

I really would recommend working at Fluidic Analytics because it’s a really positive working atmosphere, there’s a lot of diversity, professionally as well as cultural, and it really feels like a big family.

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